So, why the name Piccadilly? Piccadilly was inspired by Hannah’s grandma, Betty. She loved people and made every day about bringing joy + inserting color into the lives of others.  

Piccadilly is a word that evokes everything good about childhood. Grandma Betty, an entrepreneur herself, owned a small thrift store named, The Piccadilly Emporium, or “Piccadilly”. The store was an extension of her personality - lively, bright, chock full of quirky goodness - and priceless collectiques, as she called them.

As a child, Hannah spent countless hours there, sifting through antique handkerchiefs, reading old comic books + searching for hidden treasures. It was there that she first discovered her obsession with accessories + all-things-vintage. It was also in the small shop where Hannah watched how her Grandma Betty cared for people.

At Piccadilly, Hannah first hoped to start something someday that would bring as much joy to others as that small shop gave to her.


It is our hope that Piccadilly Creative will not only be the continuation of her legacy, but also, the embodiment of all the fun, whimsy + love that Hannah discovered in her shop.