With over 1 billion people using Instagram each month, businesses cannot afford to ignore this social media platform. Instagram is a powerful tool that can be used to visually tell your story + give your audience a daily connection point to you + your brand.



It takes strategy + time + energy to build your online platform. Our team is up to the task! Let us handle the day-to-day management of your social media accounts and help you engage with your ideal clients online.

This would include:

  • Monthly Content Plan

  • Regular Instagram Feed + Story Posts

  • Prompt Responses to DMs + Comments

  • Outbound engagement

  • Ongoing assessment of analytics to maximize efforts


We can also perform an audit of your current Instagram activity + see where there might be opportunities for you to further connect with your target audience.  We will compile our findings into a report that you could implement.

This would include:

  • Assess Current Instagram Performance

  • Identify Target Audience + Where they are Engaging

  • Recommendations on how to increase your visibility + engagement