Sweet things are the best things.  A duet of sorts... PIES + PETALS features heavenly pie and beautifully crafted bouquets to make any occasion sweet.  Owner + Pie Maker, Lissy Tropea, has partnered with Mary Jane Tropea of LeRoy French Flowers, to offer a unique pair of homemade pie and seasonal floral designs. With the hopes of someday running out of a pie truck, Pies + Petals currently operates in Centreville, Virginia and delivers to the Northern VA and DC Metro area. They make apologies irresistible, parties spectacular, and birthdays happier.


Who doesn't love pie? Top that yumminess with beautiful blooms and we're sold. Truly, the combination is swoon-worthy. We've had the pleasure of working with this fun duo on several occasions and we always leave their presence full of laughter, fun and if we're lucky, pie.  

WEBSITE: www.piesandpetals.co

EMAIL: lis@piesandpetals.co