5 Tips for Styling & Personalizing Your Rental Home


Giiiirrrlll… Let’s be honest. We’re not all at the point in life where we are ready to buy a home and take on the serious adulting responsibilities of a mortgage, lawn care and a whole other myriad of home owner-ish things. If you’re like me that means that renting is your best bet. I’ve lived in more rentals over the past few years (between DC & Miami) than I can remember and so I’ve learned a trick or two about decorating a space without leaving a long-lasting mark (Hello! A girl’s got to get her deposit back!).

When I moved into this room I rented in a beautiful, old historic home on Capital Hill in Washington, DC there were two things on my mind 1) I knew I couldn’t make any najor changes to the space because it was on the market 2) I wanted a tropical oasis that reminded me of where I was dreaming of heading next… MIAMI. My amazing friend, Emily of Either/Or Design helped me create this super fun, and perfect-for-me space with a few inexpensive tips & tricks.



When I moved in I had my heart set on pink walls. If you know me (or have spent longer than two seconds on this site) you know that I love pink. That being said, I knew that pink wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The compromise? A pink accent wall. It gave me the splash of color I was dreaming of but significantly cut down on the amount of time and effort spent later on painting it back to white.

In addition, we created a super fun design on another one of the walls with… get this… painters tape! It doesn’t just come in bright blue. We created a graphic design on the wall that I simply peeled off with zero mess when it was time to move. I also used bright pink Washi table on my doors for a fun touch.



I may not be a crazy cat lady, but I AM a crazy plant lady. Plants give a space life! I ended up collecting a miniature pineapple plant, a bromeliad, a banana tree & a potted palm tree over the months that I lived there. They were the perfect option to bring a touch of the tropical to my traditional DC home.



Washi tape has been my best friend! In this space I used it to create art collages of beautiful snapshots I had taken from my last trip to… you guessed it… Miami.

On top of that I had larger framed prints that I leaned against the wall or placed on shelves. Lastly, as you can see, I did make a few nail holes in the wall. I realized that it was worth the easy Spackle and touch up paint job to truly make it feel like home.



Flamingo Sheets. The end.

Ok… maybe not exactly the end, but you get my point. Fun and comfortable bedding goes a long way in making you feel at home. I found the sheets at Macy’s, the b&w striped pillows at IKEA and the tropical print pillows on Etsy.


(Rental)Home Sweet (Rental) Home

Make your space feel like you without spending a bundle on decor and making changes you can’t easily undo.


Just because your space has carpet doesn’t mean that you can’t layer an area rug or two on top to complete room’s look. A strategically placed area rug, can not only cover a carpet that has seen better days but can provide a fantastic foundation for the rest of the room’s decor.


Celebrate the (Rental) Season!

I hope you feel empowered to celebrate whatever season you might be in & truly make your home feel like home.

What are some ways that you have decorated your own rental space? Are there things that are keeping you from truly being present in your rental season and enjoying your home? Let me know!

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