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Birthdays are my fave! The ultimate chance to celebrate life and break out of the day-to-day routine. A day where your Facebook friends from various chapters of your life magically remember your birthday and join forces to ensure that your day is extra magical.  For as long as I can remember I've tried to stretch out the festivities from a single day to a "birthday" month. So far I haven't quite been successful on making it last that long BUT I think a week feels about right.

That being said, I'm excited to share the party with you this week... literally! Today I am launching the "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" Party Plan which has everything you need to throw a super bright, sparkly and special birthday celebration.  I included a few of my favorite things in the hopes that you would throw yourself or someone close to you an extra fun affair. 

What's more, for this week only, in celebration of my birthday, you can download it for free in the Piccadilly shop, HERE.  I want to be sure that you are taking every opportunity to celebrate what is wonderful in your world. I hope you will download and throw a super, awesome party. Don't forget to invite us by tagging us on social media (#piccadillycreative) and showing us how you brought this party to life for yourself.


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