Making Memories


I love the holidays, but let’s be honest, the older you get the more hectic they can become.  Whether you’re starting the trek to visit friends and family this week, or running around trying to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving feast, it is easy to get lost in busyness.  The days can fly by in all the hubbub of things you “have to” do and when you sit down come the new year and look back, the holiday season can become one big blur.


The holidays don’t have to be perfect to be absolutely beautiful though.  Ask me about the time my Dad dropped the turkey on the floor. It’s one Thanksgiving we will never forget and still laugh about today. There is grace for the imperfect, even in the midst of the holidays. Thank God!

I think it is often the unplanned moments of time being spent together that stand out as the most cherished memories…

Mom making up words in a post-dinner game of Balderdash.

Dad snoring by the fireplace.

Stealing the last puzzle piece to have the honor of placing it in the completed puzzle at the end of the night on Thanksgiving (I got in trouble for this one on a number of occasions.)

That first bite of my sister’s peanut butter pie.

Carefully hand washing each of Grandma’s china plates.

Counting our blessings as a family around the dinner table.


You are not simply making a meal, you are making memories.

My Grandma was an amazing woman.  While she gave me many gifts during her wonderful life (including the name Piccadilly) one that has always been particular special was this china set.  Why you might ask? It’s because throughout my childhood she painstakingly searched it out, piece by piece, lovingly curating a set just for me. I think it wasn’t simply because of the beauty of the plates and bowls and serving-ware, but because she knew that they would be the setting for many a memory. Memories that she would always be at the table for in spirit. I’m so grateful she had the foresight to give me that gift.

This year I would encourage you to set your table with intention. Think about each person who will sit around it. You are setting the stage. You are not simply making a meal, you are making memories. Ones that will hopefully outlast you. A year from now, they may not remember how perfectly the table was set or which recipe you followed, but they will remember the feeling around the table. Celebrate the moments and those memories will stay.