Sometimes you just have to throw on a crown on and remind them who they are dealing with.

What could be better than wearing a flower crown? I'm not really sure. Recently a few girlfriends and I got together for a private workshop at the Lemon Bowl DC with the beyond wonderful, Holley Simmons. She patiently took us through the steps of making a flower crown and gave us tips and tricks on how to make it last (my goal was at least through work on Monday).  Champagne cocktails flowed (responsibly) and the giggles were abundant. I think the final products speak for themselves.  I loved how each of us came up with something different that really represented our own unique perspective and style.

I'd highly recommend checking out one of the numerous workshops that the Lemon Bowl offers (not just flower crowns!). It makes for such a fun time and you end up with a skill that I, for one, will use many times in the future. Like I said, what could be better than wearing a flower crown?




Hannah MarshComment