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Hey there! It’s me, Hannah. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. I’ve been on a crazy roller coaster that has landed me here, in Miami Beach, pinching myself that this is real life.  As I mentioned before going on this hiatus, it was not an easy decision to uproot, not only my own life, but also Piccadilly from DC to Miami. I struggled with the ramifications of that decision for quite awhile. That being said, I can now say, after the last few months, that it was absolutely the right decision.

It has definitely been an adventure which kicked off with moving to Miami Beach and into my wonderful new home/headquarters which I shall now and forevermore refer to as “the Flamingo Nest”  and then promptly having to evacuate because of Hurricane Irma. This northern girl was NOT prepared for hurricane season. Give me a snowstorm over a hurricane any day!  Thankfully both my family and I made it through the storm unscathed and are all the richer for having hours upon hours of family time playing the license plate game in an endless sea of traffic.  Really a win-win.

Over the past fews months I’ve also had the chance to reflect on Piccadilly and the crazy, glitter filled experiment that it is. I’ve thought through our kick-off in Washington, DC and the many weddings and parties and projects that I and my wonderful gang of cohorts had the pleasure of being a part of. I thought about the tremendous creative community of entrepreneurs and dreamers and champions that I had the pleasure to learn from, collaborate with and ultimately befriend in DC. I treasure that season of my life and the friendships I have as a result of it.


This is me... reflecting in front of a pink wall...

It's where I do all my best reflecting...obvi

It has also given me a chance to reflect on the creative evolution of the brand and where I dream of seeing Piccadilly go in the future.  Let me tell you, this move to Miami, is just the start. There’s a lot of fun things in the works, but for now I will say that I’ve never been more passionate and excited about providing YOU (and others like you) with the opportunity and the tools to celebrate the big and small moments in life AND really, the people who make life worth celebrating.

I’ve never been more passionate and excited about providing YOU with the opportunity and the tools to celebrate the big and small moments

The creative juices are flowing and I am so excited to move forward on this journey.  As always, thank you! thank you! thank you! for coming along for the ride. Adventures are waayyyy more fun with friends.

Stay tuned here on the blog, and on social media for more fun updates.  Also, let me know who and what you are celebrating today? I want in on the fun!

Life’s a party! Won’t you join?



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