John Jacks is a DC-Philly based photographer who travels around the world capturing the people and moments that capture him. He doesn’t photograph subjects, instead he photographs how they make him feel. He wrestles with every image he creates. He assumes perfection is possible and strives to wring it out of every picture. It is his pursuit of new experiences that pushes him to continually evolve his vision, while serving as a reminder to always carry his camera with humor, compassion and curiosity.


Jacks is too cool for school! Every time we see him, he has a story to share about his most recent adventure or a tip on the coolest, new trend. The images he produces are works of art, each evoking emotion and alluding to the story that lies within. We LOVE working with him whenever we get the chance. Also, he introduced us to the music of Sam Smith and we will quite possibly never be the same again.

INSTAGRAM: @johnjackstagram

EMAIL: info@johnjacks.com