Either/Or is a boutique design firm in the Atlas District of Washington, D.C.

With roots in modernism and a splash of eclectic history, E/O provides clients a breath of fresh air in a buttoned-up hometown. They pride themselves in introducing clients to socially and environmentally conscious brands and retailers.

The philosophy at E/O is that simplicity and honesty are paramount. They believe that everyone's unique perspective deserves to be heard.  They believe in honoring the process and supporting craftspeople who make and manufacture their goods locally and sustainably. Because of this philosophy they pride themselves in providing clients with an open, comfortable channel of communication. Their work is strongest when their client's voices are heard and elaborated upon, so they always put their clients first. 

They know that each one of their clients has an aesthetic uniquely their own and want to see that individual aesthetic shine! Prospective clients often communicate frustration because they can't identify a style they "fit into", or that they are intimidated by the design process, or simply don't have time to undertake it. E/O wants their clients to have fun with the process and enjoys helping them uncover their own signature style. 


Either/Or Designs is the creative genius of Emily Kathryn Winship who also just happens to be a member of the Piccadilly Team.  While she lends her styling prowess to a variety of events and creative projects with Piccadilly, she is also available to provide incredibly unique and customized interior design through Either/Or Design. She always amazes us with her ability to translate your personal style into a space that is equal parts lovely and comfy.  She will make your home feel like home.

WEBSITE: eitherordesign.com


INSTAGRAM:: @eitherordesign

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