We love working with clients to help them feel and look their best. Our Editorial Styling process is broken down into three steps:


STEP ONE: Style Consulting

Work with a professional stylist to define + refresh your personal style.

This will include:

  • An In-depth Personal Style Questionnaire

  • Video Consultation

  • Outfit Selection

  • Comprehensive Style Guide

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STEP TWO: The Style Guide

Once your Style Consultation is complete, our team will take what they’ve learned from you, conduct additional research for you and develop a comprehensive Style Guide.

The Style Guide will include recommendations on:

  • Defining your Style

  • Clothing Colors + Fits

  • Stores + Brands

  • Additions to your Wardrobe

Once you receive your Style Guide, a follow up call with your professional stylist will take place to explain and answer any questions you might have about the guide.

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STEP THREE: Photo shoot

Once you have worked with us to define + refresh your personal style, we will schedule the Editorial Photo Shoot with you, a professional photographer + our creative team. In preparation for the shoot, we will arrange for professional hair + makeup. Our styling team will be on hand to provide on-site creative direction + styling. Generally, the shoot will be 4 - 6 hours, including prep time. We will work with you to coordinate all of the details + ensure that the photos captured will tell your brand story + attract the right clients.

The Editorial Photo Shoot will include:

  • 48 hours in Miami, FL (We’d love to have you here in our city, however if travel isn’t an option for you, let us know. We have collaborators all over + we love to travel)

  • Professional Hair + Makeup Services

  • 60 - 75 edited images