This past weekend Create & Cultivate hosted it’s first ever Vision Summit in Miami Beach. It was literally in my back yard… literally. I went to their event in Chicago in August and it was amazing. The Create & Cultivate effect, as I like to call it, is over-the-top, beautiful, fun & above all, inspiring. The generosity of the event is awe-inspiring.


A big part of the awesomeness comes from the incredible creativity and beauty that is infused into every part of the event. In particular, it’s the over abundance of beautiful floral design around every corner. Because these are the things I nerd out about, I knew that this floral awesomeness was the work of none other than the amazing East Olivia team. They’re a group of creative geniuses who dream up and execute these drool-worthy floral designs.


So you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were looking for local freelance support during the Miami Vision Summit. I jumped at the chance to work with them over the two days leading up to the event and the day of. They truly are incredibly kind and beautiful souls. I loved learning their process and how they bring these beautiful ideas to life. On top of that, they are just so fun to spend time with.

We worked on a total of 16 floral installations for the event. It was a crazy few days, but totally worth it because we, quite literally, had the chance to set the stage for all the incredible, inspiring women who attended the event.


The sessions and connections that took place during the Summit will truly have a ripple effect in South Florida and beyond. I am honored to have been able to play a small part in the amazingness that took place and am grateful to the women of East Olivia who truly embodied the vibe and spirit of Create & Cultivate.


Want to see more? Check out the #CCVisionSummit hashtag on Instagram to see everyone’s pics from the event.

Photo Credit: The amazing Janina Santillan

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In honor of Create & Cultivate coming to Miami this weekend for the Vision Summit, I thought I’d share a repost of a blog I wrote for Miami’s We Are Boss Mom blog after participating in the Create & Cultivate Chicago conference earlier this year. So excited to see you all in my hometown this weekend! If you’re at the conference & see me, come say hi!


It’s been almost a month since I returned from Create & Cultivate Chicago with a heart and suitcase full of goodness.  To be honest, I’m still unpacking all of the incredible goodies that the Create & Cultivate Team and their sponsors showered each attendee with. I have NEVER had so many fun products to play with in my life.  For this beauty addict it was like Christmas morning. I have a new face mask and lotion for every day of the week. Even still, the loaded bag of goodies they gave everyone as we left that day, was just a sample of the overload of goodness that the Create & Cultivate team imparted to each of us.  From the abundance of beauty around every corner to the depth of content and authenticity that seasoned every talk, the thing that resonated most with me was the GENEROSITY of it all.


The generosity of Jaclyn Johnson, CEO & Founder of Create & Cultivate, to share the launch of her new book WorkParty with us.

The generosity of EastOlivia in creating some of the most beautiful visual displays I’ve ever seen.

The generosity of each and every staff member who went above and beyond to make us each feel like queens for the day… especially the bathroom attendant who greeted everyone who entered the bathroom with a wide smile and question about what we had learned so far that day.

The generosity of Alli Webb, Founder of DryBar, for sharing her incredibly journey with us and the key decision points that have made her company what it is today.

The generosity of the numerous sponsors to share their insights, products and fun with each of us.

The generosity of women like Vanessa, who spent all day in the hot (and I do mean HOT) Chicago sun pampering the over 1000 women who attended the event.

The generosity of speakers like Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, who shared their wisdom and stories on stage and in small group mentoring sessions.

The generosity of McDonalds for giving out not just one, but two, $5,000 grants to women led businesses that are making a huge difference in their communities. It was the highlight of the conference to watch our very own Brit Valdes accept the grant on behalf of  We Are Boss Mom. I may or may not have screamed myself silly with sheer excitement.

The generosity of Grammy and Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson, to share her own incredible story and the inspiration and wisdom that her mom shared with her before her untimely passing.

The generosity of each and every woman present who truly embodied the inclusive spirit of “you can sit with us” and liberally gave the gift of friendship throughout the day and in the week since.


The truth is that we are all stronger together and when we use what is in our hands, not only to further our own dreams and plans, but to build up the women around us, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  Generosity begets generosity. More than any specific message that was said from the stage, the example of generosity that saturated every detail of the event is what most impacted me and what makes me so very excited that the next Create & Cultivate event will be here in Miami on December 8th.  Let’s show them how we do generosity in our town. See you there!


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Making Memories

I love the holidays, but let’s be honest, the older you get the more hectic they can become.  Whether you’re starting the trek to visit friends and family this week, or running around trying to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving feast, it is easy to get lost in busyness.  The days can fly by in all the hubbub of things you “have to” do and when you sit down come the new year and look back, the holiday season can become one big blur.


The holidays don’t have to be perfect to be absolutely beautiful though.  Ask me about the time my Dad dropped the turkey on the floor. It’s one Thanksgiving we will never forget and still laugh about today. There is grace for the imperfect, even in the midst of the holidays. Thank God!

I think it is often the unplanned moments of time being spent together that stand out as the most cherished memories…

Mom making up words in a post-dinner game of Balderdash.

Dad snoring by the fireplace.

Stealing the last puzzle piece to have the honor of placing it in the completed puzzle at the end of the night on Thanksgiving (I got in trouble for this one on a number of occasions.)

That first bite of my sister’s peanut butter pie.

Carefully hand washing each of Grandma’s china plates.

Counting our blessings as a family around the dinner table.


You are not simply making a meal, you are making memories.

My Grandma was an amazing woman.  While she gave me many gifts during her wonderful life (including the name Piccadilly) one that has always been particular special was this china set.  Why you might ask? It’s because throughout my childhood she painstakingly searched it out, piece by piece, lovingly curating a set just for me. I think it wasn’t simply because of the beauty of the plates and bowls and serving-ware, but because she knew that they would be the setting for many a memory. Memories that she would always be at the table for in spirit. I’m so grateful she had the foresight to give me that gift.

This year I would encourage you to set your table with intention. Think about each person who will sit around it. You are setting the stage. You are not simply making a meal, you are making memories. Ones that will hopefully outlast you. A year from now, they may not remember how perfectly the table was set or which recipe you followed, but they will remember the feeling around the table. Celebrate the moments and those memories will stay.

5 Tips for Styling & Personalizing Your Rental Home

Giiiirrrlll… Let’s be honest. We’re not all at the point in life where we are ready to buy a home and take on the serious adulting responsibilities of a mortgage, lawn care and a whole other myriad of home owner-ish things. If you’re like me that means that renting is your best bet. I’ve lived in more rentals over the past few years (between DC & Miami) than I can remember and so I’ve learned a trick or two about decorating a space without leaving a long-lasting mark (Hello! A girl’s got to get her deposit back!).

When I moved into this room I rented in a beautiful, old historic home on Capital Hill in Washington, DC there were two things on my mind 1) I knew I couldn’t make any najor changes to the space because it was on the market 2) I wanted a tropical oasis that reminded me of where I was dreaming of heading next… MIAMI. My amazing friend, Emily of Either/Or Design helped me create this super fun, and perfect-for-me space with a few inexpensive tips & tricks.



When I moved in I had my heart set on pink walls. If you know me (or have spent longer than two seconds on this site) you know that I love pink. That being said, I knew that pink wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The compromise? A pink accent wall. It gave me the splash of color I was dreaming of but significantly cut down on the amount of time and effort spent later on painting it back to white.

In addition, we created a super fun design on another one of the walls with… get this… painters tape! It doesn’t just come in bright blue. We created a graphic design on the wall that I simply peeled off with zero mess when it was time to move. I also used bright pink Washi table on my doors for a fun touch.



I may not be a crazy cat lady, but I AM a crazy plant lady. Plants give a space life! I ended up collecting a miniature pineapple plant, a bromeliad, a banana tree & a potted palm tree over the months that I lived there. They were the perfect option to bring a touch of the tropical to my traditional DC home.



Washi tape has been my best friend! In this space I used it to create art collages of beautiful snapshots I had taken from my last trip to… you guessed it… Miami.

On top of that I had larger framed prints that I leaned against the wall or placed on shelves. Lastly, as you can see, I did make a few nail holes in the wall. I realized that it was worth the easy Spackle and touch up paint job to truly make it feel like home.



Flamingo Sheets. The end.

Ok… maybe not exactly the end, but you get my point. Fun and comfortable bedding goes a long way in making you feel at home. I found the sheets at Macy’s, the b&w striped pillows at IKEA and the tropical print pillows on Etsy.


(Rental)Home Sweet (Rental) Home

Make your space feel like you without spending a bundle on decor and making changes you can’t easily undo.


Just because your space has carpet doesn’t mean that you can’t layer an area rug or two on top to complete room’s look. A strategically placed area rug, can not only cover a carpet that has seen better days but can provide a fantastic foundation for the rest of the room’s decor.


Celebrate the (Rental) Season!

I hope you feel empowered to celebrate whatever season you might be in & truly make your home feel like home.

What are some ways that you have decorated your own rental space? Are there things that are keeping you from truly being present in your rental season and enjoying your home? Let me know!

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I have a confession to make... I am a MAXIMALIST (i.e. the opposite of a minimalist).The saying "less is more" has never really made sense to me. I'm a more is more kinda girl. The more color, pattern and fun the better. Don't get my wrong, I will sing the praises of white space and giving your eyes a break, but if left to my own devices I'll always add just a little bit more.  My Instagram feed is full of minimalist accounts with a single leaf framed against a bright, bare wall. I do love the aesthetic and have, honestly struggled with accepting my own propensity for all.the.things. 

IMG_3278 - Copy.jpg

But, what can I say, I love it and it's me. I adore layered patterns and textures like those I styled in this mini tablescape in celebration of all things bright and floral. I was inspired by this line of "Paint + Petals" dish towels at Anthropologie and decided to have fun with it. I layered the towel with a few other patterned towels and added some of my own real life florals to complete the look.  The b&w geometric towel from IKEA gave a bit of a break from the floral patterns and served as a border to all of the vibrant colors. The Lemon "Squeeze the Day" towel from Target added a bit of quirk but also made this design totally on trend.

Have you noticed how much lemons are popping up all over the place these days? When life gives you lemons... DECORATE.  I was thrilled to break out my lemon ceramic pitcher that I picked up years ago when traveling in El Salvador.  Layering patterns and textures is kind of like that. It allows you to layer different experiences and points of view until you have your own unique story to tell. 


The layering of dish towels as a table design backdrop is also further proof that you don't have to have the perfect table runner or table cloth to have fun with your table decor.  I think limitations have a way of helping us think more creatively and outside of the box. Some of my favorite designs have been as a result of an imaginative use of every day products (wrapping paper, burlap, kraft paper...yes please!)

So when it's all said and done, I'm here to tell you that when in doubt go for it. Could I have paired back the styling of this table? Absolutely.  Did I want to? Absolutely not.  In my humble opinion, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating. Styling your table, your home or your wardrobe is about expressing yourself and sometimes it just comes out in ALL CAPS!

Don't be afraid to express yourself. Print and color mixing is a fantastic and fun way to do so. However, if you're the one who loves the solitary leaf then go for it with abandon.  Just be forewarned that I might be trailing around behind you with about 10 more leaves and some flowers and patterns and probably about 20 other things... I can't help it. 

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Everyday Beauty
IMG_3459 (3).jpg

June has always been one of my most favorite times of year. Perhaps it all those years of living in New England, but June has always signified Spring to me (even though it feels a bit more like Summer around here).  In my book, the best way to celebrate Spring is with an explosion of color and flowers and of course, a good dose of sunshine.  Miami Beach happily obliged me recently. 

One of my favorite things about living in Miami Beach is the ability to hop on my bike and get to just about anywhere I need in under 10  minutes. It's a dream. What I especially love about riding my bike is it forces you to slow down (at least how I bike) and enjoy my surroundings.The buildings and trees and people that would blur past in a car suddenly take center stage. 


In those moments, I have the opportunity to notice the beauty that is around me everyday. Perhaps it's the grandma crossing the street, the hedge of bouganvillea or frangipani tree, and the warm breeze blowing in my face but they each hold a beauty all their own. My day is always improved when I take the time to notice and appreciate the beauty in the people and things around me.

Untitled design (1).jpg

It's up to you to see the BEAUTY of everyday things

Let me ask you a question, "What moments of beauty might you be racing past?".  Can I encourage you to take a moment this week and stop and appreciate who and what you have in your world?  There's more beauty around you then you might realize.  

See it. Say it. Celebrate it. 

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IMG_0724 copy.jpg

Hiiiii! My name is Hannah and I do, in fact, come here often.  You see, I'm the crazy one behind a lot of what goes on here at Piccadilly.  This crazy party is a result of the overflow of my mental glitter and confetti and I L-O-V-E sharing it with you.  Since I don't have the privilege of sitting down to coffee with each of you, I thought I'd take a minute a share a few random things about myself and answer a few questions that I've received. 

What inspired you to start Piccadilly?

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back I can see clearly how growing up in a family of "dreamers, creators and starters" inspired me from day one.  My Grandma Betty, who I talk about a lot around here, was the specific inspiration for Piccadilly as she had her own magical thrift store named the Piccadilly Emporium. I loved visiting her and the shop and watching how she loved people.  She was an amazing business woman and her unassuming shop enabled her and my Grandfather to leave a legacy of blessing to so many people.  What's more, she let me read as many Archie comic books as I could carry.  In addition to my Grandma Betty, my mom was also an inspiration. A true artist at heart; for as long as I can remember she has always been creating something. My dad, as well, has always been an out-of-box thinker who approaches the world with a "why not" point of view. His mother, and my Grandma Judy, comes from strong Scottish roots (as she reminds me), raised three children and then decided to go back to school to, not only get her a B.A. but, also her Masters in area of passion for her. She's still creating to this day and constantly inspires me to go further.  

As you can see, there's inspiration ALL around me. I couldn't help but create something myself. 


Why are you so passionate about parties?

I do love a good party. I've been known to geek out over the perfect pinata and research for hours to find just the perfect plate and cup combo, but what I am REALLY passionate about, even more than those things, is people feeling valued. 

I realized awhile ago that while I could (and will) try to tell as many people as possible in my lifetime how amazing they are and how much their individual contribution to the world matters; I will be much more effective if I can empower others (YOU) with the resources and reminders to let the people in their world know how much they appreciate and value them.  I can absolutely tell your coworker that they're crushing it at work, but just think how much more impactful that would be coming from you because you better understand the context.  So THAT is what I'm passionate about. Helping you communicate value to the people in your world.  Whether it's providing you with everything you need to throw an amazing party for your family and friends or a gift to let someone in your world know just how incredible they are. I'm here to help.

I'm enough of an idealist to believe that if we each start celebrating the people in our lives with more intention we can start a ripple effect that can actually change the world. It really, truly, with sprinkles on top, is that simple. 

IMG_0687 copy.jpg

Ummm Flamingos are great and all but what's with the obsession?

Beat's me. I've just always loved them. Maybe it's because they are pink or that their general awkwardness speaks to me on some subconscious level, but I just love them. Always have. Also a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance and I just really, really think that is wonderful. 

What made you decide to move yourself AND Piccadilly from DC to Miami?

Ohhh this is a tough one... or maybe it's not.  Again, after 16 years in DC, I just knew it was time for a new adventure. I had traveled to Miami many times and simply put, I fell in love.  I fell in love with the city, the people, the bright colors, the warmth and it's exuberant energy that it emanates. Those friends who know me well just said "Finally! That just makes sense." when I told them I was moving. As you can tell from the Piccadilly brand, bright colors, tropical vibes and a good dose of irreverent quirk are 

Also, and more importantly, as a person of faith, I believe that God is guiding my life. I prayed a lot about this decision. Uprooting from community and a life that I had spent years building was not an easy choice or something I could just do on a whim. I wanted to know that there was greater purpose for me personally, as well as for Piccadilly, if I made that move. Every time I prayed I came back with a resounding yes. This was the right decision and the right move for me.

After nine months here in Miami, I can honestly STILL say that it was the right choice. I fall more in love with this place every day. 

IMG_0728 copy.jpg

What are you currently obsessing over?

There's definitely a few things that I'm pretty excited about right now.  Although it's been nine months, I'm still in the process of making my apartment, which I affectionately call the Flamingo Nest, feel like home. I'm currently obsessing over gallery walls because I'm working on compiling one in my living room. I've been having so much fun pulling out prints and postcards and other odds and ends that I've collected over the years and seeing how they all play together.  

Also, PRINT MIXING, like, I can't get enough of it. I'm going to be posting more about that soon but I'm just in love with print mixing for this season. Especially, bright and floral prints.. (no surprise there).

Lastly, my church has just released its first single off of their first EP last week and I've literally been jumping around listening to it since then. You should totes check it out here. It's so fun!



Now that I've shared a bit more about myself, I'd love to hear about YOU! Leave me a comment and let me know what brought you here and some other fun randomness about yourself. 

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All photos were taken by the ever fabulous Francesca outside of the Oliver Cole Gallery in Wynwood. 

Flamingo Top - H&M

Jean Jacket - Anthropologie

B&W Pants - Old Navy

Hot Pink Shoes - Steve Madden

Mother's Day Brunch

Hi there! Happy Mother's Day week! It's the time of year when we finally celebrate the women who truly deserve to be celebrated on a daily basis.  I'm so excited to be sharing with you a recent styled photoshoot my friend and amazing photographer, Francesca, and I worked on together recently. I hope it's all the inspiration you need to throw an equally fabulous brunch for the special ladies in your life this weekend.


Maybe it's the move to Miami or perhaps just the constant sunshine, but I have been seriously loving the bright and tropical vibe. This tablescape is all about brightly colored pattern mixing, layers of texture and tropical flowers and fruits.  Lest you think that it's outside of your reach to bring this vibe to your home, don't worry, the majority of the items used can be found at your local Target and grocery store. 


The tropical fruit displayed on the table was really the starting inspiration point for this setup. The organic textures and vibrant hues quite literally jumped off the grocery store shelves at me.  It was actually quite simple and inexpensive to create a table centerpiece using these items. I arranged a selection of fruit ranging from watermelons and kiwis to mangoes and lemons on a wooden cutting board (Target). I mainly chose the fruit based on their visual appeal but I'd encourage you to also select fruits that you know your mom and guests will love. Perhaps swapping out some varieties that will be in season near you. I know it's easy to just throw your fruit into a bowl but just taking the extra step to slice a few of the pieces open (i.e. the watermelon, papaya and kiwi) and arrange them on a cutting board provides just a bit more visual interest and makes it that much easier to dig into when the time comes. 

Next I created place settings that not only mixed patterns but also textures. I am in L-O-V-E with the recent Opal House for Target line and had some fun there a few weeks back. The plates are actually plastic (who knew!), very economical (ranging from $1.99 to $2.99) and make for a very family friendly table.  The glassware are a few treasured finds from Anthropologie. I am such a sucker for pink glassware... swoon!). The champagne flutes (which they still carry here) are rimmed with gold. Just the kind of details to make mom feel like a queen for the day. 

Lastly, I used this fabulous pink, tie dye wall hanging that I found at a local Miami Boutique, Iniva as the backdrop for this beautiful tablescape. That, coupled with the macrame runner also from Opal House for Target and the woven place mats from IKEA gave the table the layered textures it needed for depth. 

A few sprigs of bougainvillea and a massive leaf from my yard were just the icing on this tropical feast. 

IMG_3023 - Copy.jpg

While you might not be able to run to the yard for some of these items, your local grocery store (especially Whole Foods if you have it) should carry most of the fruits and flowers I listed above. If not, then I'd suggest swapping in a vibrant pink, yellow or orange rose for the floral touch and perhaps some bright berries to round out your fruit display.  At the end of the day it really is the thought that will count. I'd encourage you to think about ways to incorporate details that will make it extra special just for your mom. Don't be afraid of mixing colors, patterns and textures. Like in family, the more the merrier!

Let's not forget, that setting the table is just setting the scene for the real magic to take place. Don't forget to linger over your time together. Savor the moments just as much as the tropical flavors.  Share a favorite story, reminisce about treasured memories, laugh at secret jokes and most of all, don't forget to say THANK YOU.

So, here's to all the moms out there. We love you! Happy Mother's Day!

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Source List:

Fruits & Florals - Whole Foods

Tablecloth - Iniva Boutique

Plates - Opal House for Target

Macrame Table Runner - Opal House for Target

Gold Flatware - Target

Woven Place Mats - IKEA

Blue Stoneware Plate - Anthropologie

Yellow Chairs - Target

Flamingo Print - Arielle Vey

Beige Vases - West Elm

Wooden Cutting Board - Target

Floral Kimono - Anthropologie

Napkins - Anthropologie

Pink Champagne Flutes - Anthropologie

Pink Juice Tumblers - Anthropologie



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Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.
— Oscar Wilde

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LOCALLOVE: Cielito Artisan Pops
IMG_1024 (1).jpg

As the name suggests, this place is serving up little bits of heaven in the Miami Arts District. Tucked into a corner of the iconic black and white striped building in the midst of Wynwood, Cielito Artisan Pops offers a wide assortment of yummy popsicles.  These are NOT the pops you grew up on.  Gone are the artificial flavors that would dye your face and tongue green for hours on end.  Instead, Cielito prides itself on the natural, high quality and fresh ingredients that go into each pop.  

We know that you expect the best, and that’s why we only serve the highest quality, freshest ingredients – because that’s what your body deserves!
— Cielito Website

The quality of their ingredients shows up in every bite and makes it hard to choose just one. Their flavor options are plentiful and change with the season. There's definitely an option for every taste.  On top of all that goodness, all of their fruit pops are vegan gluten-free.

Need any more convincing? I didn't think so! Next time you decide to wander through Wynwood do yourself a favor a pop into Cielito (see what I did there?)

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