PICCADILLY CREATIVE is a women-led creative agency specializing in one-of-a-kind experience curation through visual branding + storytelling, editorial + event styling & social media management. Based in Miami, FL , our team serves clients from all over the world with our customized + creative offerings. Through creative brand strategy we help uncover, cultivate + celebrate the beauty in every person, situation and space. Let us help you tell your story!



Meet Hannah

Hannah thrives on helping people recognize their own beauty + value as well as step out in confidence + purpose. She loves listening to peoples dreams + helping them define their stories. Give her one phone call and she will be your number one cheer leader.

After years of working in a gray box (aka a cubicle), Hannah recognized a lifelong dream in moving to Miami Beach + launching Piccadilly Creative to help people recognize what is bright + beautiful in their world. Driven by a passion to connect people to purpose + creativity to cause, Hannah loves connecting people to the creative resources necessary to bring their stories to life.

She also loves reality tv, singing really loud, short walks on the beach + flamingos (especially flamingos).


Meet Silvia

Silvia is a ray of sunshine. She believes in the power of communication. For her, creative storytelling is recognizing that life does not have to be boring but that your dream is just around the corner, if you work for it.

She loves to see people thrive + succeed. Silvia does not need the spotlight to show the world what she is capable of but rather loves the thrill, that is, a new challenge. After graduating with a Masters degree in Global Strategic Communication, she strives to be a creative herself + is always willing to learn new ways of expressing oneself. Silvia also appreciates the value of culture as well as the importance of languages in the world.

She enjoys taking pictures, traveling, eating delicious food, + spending time with her family.




So, why the name Piccadilly?

Piccadilly was inspired by Hannah’s grandma, Betty. She loved people and made every day about bringing joy + inserting color into the lives of others.

Piccadilly is a word that evokes everything good about childhood. Grandma Betty, an entrepreneur herself, owned a small thrift store named, The Piccadilly Emporium, or “Piccadilly”. The store was an extension of her personality - lively, bright, chock full of quirky goodness - and priceless collectiques, as she called them.

As a child, Hannah spent countless hours there, sifting through antique handkerchiefs, reading old comic books + searching for hidden treasures. It was there that she first discovered her obsession with accessories + all-things-vintage. It was also in the small shop where Hannah watched how her Grandma Betty cared for people.

At Piccadilly, Hannah first hoped to start something someday that would bring as much joy to others as that small shop gave to her.

It is our hope that Piccadilly Creative will not only be the continuation of her legacy, but also, the embodiment of all the fun, whimsy + love that Hannah discovered in her shop.